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Create a retailer account from an invitation

Setup your retailer account when accepting an invitation.

When a wholesaler invites you as a retailer to view their Fieldfolio wholesale catalog, you can automatically see pricing and make orders.

1. The invitation email

As a retailer, you will receive an email like the one shown below.

Click Accept Invitation to get started.

Retailer registration screenshot - email

2. Login or Signup

If you are new to Fieldfolio, click Signup to continue.

If you already have a Fieldfolio login, you do not need to signup again for different wholesalers, you only need one Fieldfolio login and retailer account. Click login and skip to Accept the invitation of this guide.

Retailer registration screenshot - invitation

3. Signup

The first step of signing up is to create your login using your email address and login.

Retailer registration screenshot - signup

4. Create your retailer account

To accept a wholesaler invitation to view pricing and create orders, you need to create your retailer account.

Business details

Use the common name for your trading as / display name, rather than your official business name.

Entering correct and official business details is important for requesting pricing access to other catalogs on Fieldfolio.

Retailer registration screenshot - business details


Choosing departments helps Fieldfolio show you wholesale catalogs that are relevant to you and your retail business.

Retailer registration screenshot - department preferences

5. Accept the invitation

When you accept the invitation with your retailer account, you will be redirected to the wholesaler page where you can view their catalogs and start browsing with pricing and posting orders.

Retailer registration screenshot - invitation

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