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Accepting Invitations

Link your account or profile via an invitation.

Wholesale sellers can invite buyers, reps to access their catalog, and staff members to access their seller account.

You can login or signup for a new profile before accepting an invite if you do not already have a profile.

Accepting buyer invitations

Accepting a buyer invitation means that will have pricing access to one or more of their catalogs.

Once logged in, any buyer accounts that are linked to your profile will appear in a list. Selecting a buyer account and accepting the invitation will give pricing access to the chosen buyer account.

Accepting rep invitations

Accepting a rep invitation means that the seller's catalog will be available on Fieldfolio for iPad.

Only a single rep account can be linked to a login profile, so if you do not already have a rep account one will be automatically created when you accept your first rep invitation from a seller.

If another seller invites you using the email address associated with your login profile, their catalog will be automatically available on Fieldfolio for iPad. You will receive an email notifcation every time this happens.

You can also accept rep invitations sent to your other email addresses with an existing login profile.

Accepting staff invitations

Accepting a staff invitation means that you will have access to a seller's account via the Fieldfolio Admin website.

Multiple seller accounts can be linked to your login profile.

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