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Order history

Learn where to find past orders and how order histories are kept up-to-date.

What is an order history?

An order history is a list of past orders that are available for review in the iPad app. There are two kinds of order history available:

Your order history

Your order history shows any orders that you have posted for any customer across all catalogs that you currently have access to. Your order history shows up to 500 orders from the last 12 months.

Customer order history

A customer order history shows orders that have been posted by you or any other Rep, or by the customer online, in the last 12 months.

Order history syncing

Order history syncing is an automatic process that checks for past orders and downloads them to your iPad.

Provided your iPad has an internet connection, all order histories are kept up-to-date automatically in the background.

Up to 2000 of the latest orders in the last 12 months, across all catalogs you have access to, are synced when you first login to the iPad app.

Everytime you launch the iPad app or return to the main catalog selection screen any new orders for customers belonging to catalogs you have access to are synced.

Order syncing is limited to the last 12 months, however orders that have already been synced previously are not deleted from your iPad, so over time your order history will include orders from further in the past than 12 months.

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