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Activate your Fieldfolio Rep account

Accept your first invite from a seller.

Your first catalog invite

To get up and running as a Rep on Fieldfolio, you'll first need to accept an invite from a seller to a catalog. A seller can invite you using your email address.

Once a seller invites you to their catalog, you will receive an email with a link to activate your Rep account. Click Activate your Fieldfolio Rep account to open the signup form in your browser.

Important: Make sure to use the same email address that received the invite in the signup form.

Subsequent catalog invites

Your Rep account is not tied to a single seller or catalog. Once you have created a Fieldfolio Rep account, you can be invited by any seller to any catalog.

Any time a seller subsequently invites you to another catalog, we'll notify you again by email and the catalog will automatically appear for you in Fieldfolio for iPad.

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