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How does the Xero integration match customers and products?


When syncing an order to Xero, the order's customer is matched to a customer in your Xero organisation in two ways:

  • First, by looking for a customer where the Xero AccountNumber matches the Fieldfolio Reference
  • If this fails, looking for a customer where the Xero Name matches the Fieldfolio Name

If Fieldfolio isn't able to find a match using either of these criteria syncing the order will fail, unless you've configured the integration to automatically create missing customers in Xero, in which case Fieldfolio will create the customer in your Xero organisation.


The products in an order are matched to the corresponding items in your Xero organisation by looking for an item with a Code that matches the Fieldfolio product's SKU.

If this matching process fails for any of the products in the order then syncing the order to Xero will fail, so it's recommended that you ensure these identifiers match for all Fieldfolio products and Xero items before setting up the integration.

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