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Catalog cover rules

Create a great wholesale catalog cover image

Your catalog cover is a virtual store front. Use a brand image or product shot with a colourful background. Keep it simple.

Catalog covers are best uploaded at 424 pixels wide by 600 pixels high.

1. Use good photography

Good photography is proven to increase the rate at which Buyers click on catalogs on the Fieldfolio platform, improving sales for Sellers.

Use full-size images with no white backgrounds

Always use an image that has a coloourful background all the way to the edge; photography is the most appealing kind of image to Buyers.

Product images with white backgrounds do not work well on catalog covers and should not be used.

Catalog cover with full-bleed photo Catalog cover with a white background

Consider a complete scene or table-top layout

Consider showcasing your top products in a complete scene, or photographing your products with related objects in a table top 'flat-lay' style.

These images not only look great, they also help Buyers understand how to merchandise your products instore.

Catalog cover with showcasing products in-situ Catalog cover using flat-lay or table top style Catalog cover using flat-lay or table top style

Do not use image collages or grids

Choose a single strong image instead of multiple images in a collage or grid. Using multiple images creates busy layouts that fail to grab attention.

Catalog cover with a multiple image layout Catalog cover with a multiple image layout

2. Do not use text, except where your brand logo is used

Text is not permitted on catalog cover images, except for text that is part of a brand logo. Website URLs and contact information are not permitted.

Do not use an existing cover design from your printed catalog. Graphic layouts that are suitable for physical catalogs held in your hands do not translate well to view online.

Catalog cover non-permitted text Catalog cover showing non-permitted graphic-only image Catalog cover showing non-permitted text

Use minimal logos

If you want to use your brand logo on your catalog cover, place it over photography as a secondary, subtle element.

Catalog cover with a minimal logo Catalog cover with a minimal logo

3. Do not use other graphics

Arbitrary graphics are not permitted on catalog covers. Graphic elements such as badges, panels, starburts and coloured shapes should not be included.

Third-party logos like the Australian Made or Woolmark symbols should not be included.

Catalog cover showing non-permitted graphics Catalog cover showing non-permitted graphics

We have found that these simple tips help buyers to identify what your catalog is about and entice them to browse your products.

Creating a catalog cover that follows these rules improves the 'clickability' of your catalog and ultimately your sales.

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