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Create sales territories

Set up customer territories for your reps.

Sales territories are a common way to separate customers and reps. Both customers and reps can be assigned to one or more territories in Fieldfolio. In effect, a customer does not 'belong' to a territory, rather the customer is 'included' in a territory. This means that a customer can be in one or more territories (or none at all).

Territories are not necessarily geographical. You may want to have two reps in the same city area with one rep servicing Pharmacies and the other calling on gift shops, in which case territories called Metro Pharmacy and Metro Gift would make sense. You can then assign reps to territories.

Only customers in the territories a rep is assigned to will be visible to that rep. Customers in other territories will be hidden. Any customers that are not assigned to any territories will be visible to all reps.

Creating territories

A territory is created in the context of a customer. When adding and editing customers, any territories you enter for the customer are created automatically.


When adding or editing a customer, select one or more territory from the list of existing territories by clicking in the territories text field. Alternatively you can create a new territory by typing the territory name and pressing Enter.

Import Customers

If you are importing customers in bulk, adding a comma-separated list of territories for a customer will assign that customer to the listed territories, eg. West Island, Trade Fair. Any territory that does not exist will be automatically created (so be careful to spell the same territory consistently).

Update in bulk

To update customer territories in bulk, you can export your customers to CSV and make changes using Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers .

  1. Fieldfolio Admin > Customers > Export CSV
  2. Add, edit or delete data in the territories column and save an updated CSV
  3. Fieldfolio Admin > Customers > Import Customers

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