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Export products from MYOB

Get all your important product data when exporting from MYOB AccountRight.

This guide covers exporting products (in MYOB language 'items') using:

  • MYOB AccountRight v19
  • Microsoft Windows 10.

There may be minor difference for earlier versions of MYOB and Microsoft Windows, however the process is the same.

MYOB export settings

In the MYOB File menu choose Export Data > Items


In the Export File panel ensure the settings are:

  • Export File Format set to Comma-separated
  • First Record is set to Header Record


In the next panel click Match All and then Export


And finally, save the file with your company name and the word 'products', eg. acme-products.txt.

Preparing data for import to Fieldfolio

This file can be opened as a CSV file (sometimes it helps to replace .txt with .csv if the filename).

Take a look at our import products article for details about reorganising your product data ready for import.

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