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Import product images

Upload product photos in bulk using your product SKUs.

Supported file types

Product images can be .jpg, .gif or .png.

Matching images to products by SKU

Images are matched to products using your product SKUs as image filenames. For example, to import an image for a product with the SKU A123, simply name the file A123.jpg.

Note: If a product SKU includes any underscores (_) you will need to add _1 to the end of the filename to ensure the image is imported correctly. ie. MYSKU123.jpg must be MYSKU123_1.jpg.

Multiple Images per product

To import multiple images for the same product, simply place an underscore and a number at the end of your image file names. For example, to import three images for a product with the SKU A123, simply name the files A123_1.jpg, A123_2.jpg and A123_3.jpg.

Stacks with multiple SKUs

For a stack with multiple products (and in turn multiple SKUs), all image files matching any SKUs in a stack will be imported into the stack and show in the product detail panel together.

Choose images and upload

  1. Fieldfolio Admin > Catalog > Import Images
  2. Click Select Images for Upload...
  3. Choose your images from your computer
  4. Click Start Upload

The progress of each image upload will be shown and upon completion which product the image has been imported to.

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