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Import products

Bulk import your products using a simple CSV.

Template CSV

Download the product template CSV file to see the spreadsheet column order required to ensure a successful import.

Product Import Template CSV

Required columns

The following columns must be filled for each product row:

  • Product Name
  • SKU
  • Unit (for example 'Each' or 'Per Box')
  • Minimum Order Quantity (must be a number)

Creating Stacks

A stack is a product with variants (like a shirt with multiple sizes).

To create a stack, simply use the same product name across multiple product rows (but making sure to enter different SKUs). When creating a stack, the extended description must be present in each row to be applied to the stack as a whole.

Column names and order

Importing relies on all the column headers being present, and the columns remaining in the same order as the template CSV.

Deleting, renaming or reording columns will result in a failed import.

Upload your CSV

  1. Fieldfolio Admin > Catalog > Import Product Data
  2. Choose your CSV file
  3. Click Import Product Data

Once the import process is complete, the number of products successfully imported will be shown, along with any errors encountered along the way.

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