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Using Zapier with your Fieldfolio account

Streamline your business with our Zapier integration.

Zapier is an automation tool that connects the apps you use to run your business. Using automated workflows called 'Zaps', you can move data between thousands of apps.

Our Zapier integration is currently in Public Beta, and available for all Zapier users.

In this guide we'll connect your Fieldfolio account to Zapier, and configure a the first step of a Zap to use the Order Posted Trigger. To get started, you'll need to signup to Zapier.

Create a new Zap

Once logged in to Zapier, click Make a Zap to get started.

Zapier - Make a Zap button

Search for Fieldfolio

The first step in any Zap is finding an app to trigger your zap workflow. Search for Fieldfolio, select our integration and click continue to choose a trigger.

Zapier - Search for Fieldfolio

Select the Order Posted trigger

Zapier - Select order posted trigger

Allow Zapier to access your Fieldfolio account

Allowing access to your Fieldfolio account requires you to sign in using your the email and password for your Fieldfolio profile.

Your Fieldfolio profile must be an owner or staff member of a wholesaler account.

Zapier - Sign in to Fieldfolio Zapier - Allow access to Fieldfolio Zapier - Choose your Fieldfolio account to continue

Test the trigger

To test the trigger, you will need to have at least one order in your wholesaler account.

Zapier - Test the order posted trigger Zapier - Trigger test sample order data

Choose an action

Now you're ready to choose an action from thousands of other apps.

Zapier - Ready to choose an action

What's next?

We're new to Zapier so this is just the start of our integration. We want to build what you need to streamline your wholesale business, so please email with suggestions for Zapier Triggers, Actions and Zap Templates you'd like to use.

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